Lagotto Romagnolo Wasserhunde Deutschland e.V.

14. September 2019 in Dettelbach

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Anmeldung für die Spezial Rassehunde Ausstellung Dettelbach

? Baby-Klasse: 4-5 Monate,

Jüngsten-Klasse: 6–8 Monate,

Jugend-Klasse: 9–18 Monate,

Zwischenklasse: ab 15–24 Monate,

Offene Klasse: ab 15 Monate,

Champion-Klasse: ab 15 Monate

Angaben zum Eigentümer des Hundes

? Championtitel oder andere Nachweise
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Nach erfolgreicher Anmeldung erhält du von unserer Geschäftsstelle eine Rechnung

  • Instructions for registration fee and catalog advertising
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  • Organizers and exhibition management
    exhibition organizer :

    LRWD e.V.
    Ausstellungsleiter Heidrun Spellerberg
    Hauptstr. 48
    97294 Unterpleichfeld

  • Exhibition Regulations and Important Notes
    All exhibitors identify with their message to the Show Regulations.

    Open only to breed dogs whose standard is deposited with the FCI and who are registered in a recognized studbook or register by the FCI. Identity checks of entered dogs are possible. Snappy, sick, afflicted with vermin dogs and bitches who are visibly pregnant or in lactation or accompanied by their puppies must not be placed in the exhibition area. Who ever brings sick dogs in an exhibition, is liable for the resulting consequences. Proven deaf or blind dogs may not participate in an exhibition. Furthermore, castrated males are not allowed (except in the veteran class). Bitches in heat may be issued on schedule protected breed canine exhibitions. The owners of dogs are liable for all damages caused by their dogs. Caution: Coat care is to be limited to combing and brushing, no ointments are permitted. Dogs may not be put on gallows on trimming tables. In valuation ring and the ring of honor can a dog not be presented on a pedestal. The exhibitor / presenter acknowledges that Conformation scores and rankings of breed judge are final.
  • Important instructions

    The four best exhibits of each class will be placed and ranked provided they qualified at least for ‘Very good’ or ‘promising’.

    Which class for my dog?
    Age-deadlineto assign in a class: the exhibit has reached the quoted age on the day prior to the show

    4 to 5 months: Baby
    6 to 8 months: Puppy
    9 to 18 months: Junior
    15 to 24 months: Intermediate
    From 15 months on: Open for Champion with qualifying title (acknowledged title as Int.Ch., National Ch., Deutscher Ch. (VDH)) Copy of certificate to be enclosed with entry form, otherwise exhibit will be transferred to Open class.
    8 years and older: Veteran – will be placed only. Best veteran will be selected from veteran dogs and veteran bitches.


    „Best of breed (BOB)“
    The judge will determine "Best of Breed" from winners of these classes: Junior, Intermediate, Champion and Open: Best male and best bitch selected from Intermediate, Champion and Open class, plus best junior dog will compete as well as best veteran dog.

    Breeders’ Group
    Breeders’ Group requires a minimum of 3 dogs registered with the same kennel name. Each group member must at least have achieved the classification “good” or has been shown in the Honorary or Veteran Class on the day of the show.

    Progeny group

    Any offspring of a specific dog or bitch may participate in the progeny group competition. A group consists of the sire or dam with at least 5 offsprings, male and female. All entered dogs must have been shown before with at least the classification “good”. At least two dogs of the group must have been presented at this day‘s show. The required classification document must be presented with the entry. Judging criteria are the quality of each dog and the phaenotypical conformity with sire or dam.

    Couple class

    Dog and bitch, both owned by the exhibitor, may be entered. Judging is similar to judging of the Breeders’ Group, the most typical couple should win. Both dogs must at least have achieved the classification of “Good” or have been entered in the Honor Class or Veteran Class at this show.

    Show rules and important hints:

    Exhibitors declare their consent with Show rules by entering. Only pure bred dogs of FCI recognised breeds are admitted. Aggressive and sick dogs as well as dogs with parasites may not be brought onto the show venue. This applies to apparently gravid and lactating bitches or bitches accompanied by their puppies. Whoever enters the show venue with a sick dog will be liable for consequences. Deaf and/or blind dogs are not admitted. Castrated dogs may be shown in Veteran class only. Bitches in season may be shown. Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused by their exhibits. Coat care is to be limited to combing and brushing, no ointments are permitted. Dogs may not be put on gallows on trimming tables. Exhibitors are aware that qualifications and placings given by the judge may not be questioned.
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